George P. Horedt: The jungle capitalism book

This multi-subject book first shows the striking similarities of animal and human characteristics. The innate fundamental difference between the abilities of individuals implies a rough division of humans into plebs and elite. The book is based on the democratic principle postulating the eligibility of all representatives of power and leadership within elitist circles through the democratic-elitist election mode. The social democracy tries to minimize the differences of income and wealth among population members. The combination between democratic-elitist election mode and social democracy forms the social-elitist democracy with its democratic economy.

The jungle-capitalist social order with all its innumerable evils can be transformed even within several months into a social-elitist democracy. This new social order offers maximum stability of a society, owing to the greatest possible equality of opportunities and the smallest possible differences of income, power, and wealth among population members. A new quantitative theory of freedom and other more philosophical last problems of existence are discussed in the end of this book.